Virtual Airports with Real World Air Traffic, ATC Audio and Real Time Weather

CHATROOM RULES: Like aviation please stick to English as a common language for moderators and users from all over the world. We have many viewers that speak many languages but we would all like to take part in the chat. Thank you.

Now with TWO views. Use the play bar to switch views. Click twice if it gets stuck buffering when switching to second view.

link to second view for mobile users

Main Camera – RWY24 L/R
Secondary View – RWY25 L/R

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This is a simulated airport but all the planes you see are matched to their real world counterpart with a slight delay. Transponder data is of variable accuracy depending on equipment and other factors so some planes may appear to be offset from the runway.

Check to see whats’s about to land!

Enjoy watching planes take of from the comfort of your armchair. With live audio from watch a virtual representation of Los Angeles International Airport with real time real world aircraft movement with real time weather. Whether you love planespotting, watching paint dry or just want to watching something oddly soothing this stream is for you. And it’s safer than drones for you and the planes!

Now streaming in 1080p for pin sharp detail. Likes and subscribes very much appreciated.

Now the dirty details:

Sim box specs: i7700K overclocked to 5.0Ghz with 2x GTX1080Ti SLI GPU

Software and add-ons:
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4

Active Sky 2016

FSDreamteam KLAX V2



Realtime Traffic Java App


Additional AI models from FAIB, FSXPAI, AIA, AIG